Thursday, December 3, 2015


I'm so proud of myself. Not once at the fundraiser for Hillary Clinton yesterday afternoon did I say that, to me, Bill and Hillary were Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Instead, I spoke, rather boringly. of the need to register voters on our side. Such self-control.

The day was a bit of an endurance test. The event was at a huge home on a lake in Windermere. I had  5 - 6 different driving routes, none of which made much sense to me. At 2:00 AM Tuesday, I awoke with visions of Google maps dancing in my head. I got on the computer, viewed the maps again, and plotted a route that seemed to work, at least in theory. On Tuesday, I did a test run so I would sleep better that night.

Betty Jo and I navigated the trip on Wednesday in about 45 minutes without one missed turn. We arrived at 2 PM. Hillary arrived at about 4 PM. It was too warm for December (even for Florida) as we stood around on the patio, chatting with some people I knew from Democratic politics and others who were new to me. 

It started to rain as Hillary began her stump speech, which was smart and articulate. No surprise there. The rain progressed from drizzle to downpour as Hillary moved from economic policy to education to support for Planned Parenthood. Then we had to get our car, which was an exercise in patience (which I did not have much of at that point). Finally, my Honda Civic appeared.

The drive home took much longer because of rush hour traffic and heavy rain that hit us about half-way through the journey to Lake Nona. The windshield wipers were on high speed, but visibility was still poor. Lights from the oncoming traffic did not help. We got home safely, though.

We passed the endurance test. So starts the long political season.

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