Friday, December 18, 2015

"It was a dark and stormy night"

The Peanuts Movie was a big disappointment. After several failed attempts, Gisela and I saw it yesterday afternoon. She liked it, and I am happy about that. For me, it was a throwback to an earlier, more conventional, less technological advanced age. The story line - Charlie Brown wants to be noticed by the little red-haired girl - was so dated. The animation was less interesting than Disney movies from the 1930's. There were only snippets of the great Vince Guaraldi music. Shaun The Sheep Movie still rates #1 with me for year.

There was an unexpected bonus for going to the cineplex yesterday afternoon: witnessing the gathering of the Star Wars fanatics for the premier of the latest episode. Some were lining up (or rather sitting up in chairs they had brought from home) for the 7 PM first showing. Others has arrived before dawn to see all the previous films in sequence to get in the mood for the new release. I had to suppress the urge to say "Get a life!" Gisela said she was afraid of them.

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