Friday, October 9, 2015

Baseball Vignettes

Baltimore: Comer, Bill and I go to Baltimore to see the Orioles, Comer's favorite team. We eat crab cakes on crackers, the best baseball stadium food ever.

Chicago: Wrigley Field doesn't have lights so Tom, John and I go to afternoon games during the work day in our investment banker attire. We are guests of Chapman and Cutler, the big law firm we do business with. This is a great Chicago tradition. 

Boston: Newly arrived in New York, Steve and I make a pilgrimage to see the Big Green Monster at Fenway Park. We fly the shuttle from LaGuardia to Logan, take "The T" to the park, and stop at Legal Seafood for dinner on the way back. The Baseball Gods look with favor on our devotion.

New York: Elliott and Leslie take me out to the ball game, to see the Mets. Elliott treats for dinner at the Grand Central Oyster Bar. We take the "7" train to the stadium. I am now a true New Yorker (although my heart will always be with the Phillies; but that's another story).

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  1. Once you love baseball, you never can get it out of your blood. So many wonderful trips to Shea Stadium in those years. Elliott would be so pleased to know our Mets are in the playoffs.