Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Law and Order

I'm addicted to Law and Order in all its varieties: the original, SUV and Criminal Intent. I'm not alone; several of my close friends have shared their addiction stories with me. I haven't heard of a 12-step program to cure the affliction, though. But who wants to be cured?

Watching the show calms me even though the stories are usually about murder, rape and other violent acts. Watching reruns intensifies the soothing effect; when I know how the episode ends, the suspense is muted.

The title of the show telegraphs its appeal. In a chaotic, unsettled world, each episode provides a coherent story line and resolution. In some cases, the criminal goes free; but that only makes us appreciate all the guilty verdicts more. We don't take them for granted. There is order in the universe.

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