Monday, November 16, 2015

Four Friends and a Phone

Yesterday, Tara, Diane, Jean and I spent about an hour on the phone to catch up. This was highly unusual in the day of email, text and tweets. We worked together in Chicago from 1978 through 1983 and have stayed in touch with visits and calls since then.

There have been so many friends over the years, with a checkered history of staying connected. When I lived on Horrocks Street (6 - 17 years of age), I played Clue and Monopoly with Phyllis next store and got my first hint of the mysteries of sex and reproduction from Esther (who lived 2 houses away), who passed along the information from her slightly older aunt.

Sheila (Bunny) was a friend from the second grade through high school. We lost touch for decades, but I now stay with her when I go to New York. We see the world the same way, and our time together is very affirming for both of us.

There are so many friends from my "young-marrieds" phase. Leslie helped me get an apartment in her building when I moved to New York, and we were neighbors for years. I am making my plane reservations to visit her in Tuscon in January. 

Beginning after Thanksgiving, I am going to make holiday calls to as many friends as I can reach. I did the same thing last year. People were really surprised when I said I was just calling to wish them a happy holiday. 

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