Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Birthday, Baruch Spinoza

Happy Birthday to Baruch Spinoza. Oh yes! My birthday is November 24th, too. The first modern man and I have a great deal in common. Our approach to the universe is more cerebral than emotional. I am definitely not a faith-based person. I don't like labels, so I will not call myself an agnostic or an atheist. I do like the scientific method. With scientific rigor, you cannot prove there is a supreme being. But neither can you prove that one doesn't exist. If there is a god, I hope she has a great sense of humor.

Speaking of the universe, tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of Einstein's General Theory of Relatively. I am reading an article about it in the New York Times science section in today's paper. As a birthday present to myself, I am not reading the main section - too depressing. The world can continue its spiral into complete disaster without my attention for one day.

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