Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Post 9.11 World

This Friday, I'm picking someone up at Orlando International Airport for the first time. After reviewing confusing information on parking options on the OIA site, I decided to try Express Parking. It seemed to offer short-term parking under the main terminals for a reasonable cost without the need for shuttle transport. I decided to test it out today. Little did I know I would be entering the deep paranoia of the post-9.11 world. 

Before being allowed into the parking area, I had to get out of my car; open the glove compartment, center storage area, gas cap, and trunk. The pleasant and friendly female security officer used a long-handled mirror to look under the car. I was expecting her to pat  me down, but that didn't happen. It seems that car bomb is the primary threat.

In an effort to bond, I told the security officer that I had been in New York on 9.11 and that I had not problem with enhanced security procedures. I also remembered the truck bomb that detonated under one of the Twin Towers in 1993. Even here, in the Land of the Mouse, those memories rise to the surface.

My car did pass inspection, and I completed my dry run. Now I know to leave some extra time on Friday to clear security.

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