Sunday, November 1, 2015

Scenes from a Wedding

Walk Down the Aisle: James escorts Kimberly, his beloved younger daughter, down the aisle. She seems to trip a bit on the beautiful bridal gown. Then, James lifts her veil, kisses her, and sits down by his wife. On his face, there is the tender, aching look of love and loss as father watches his cherished daughter walk to another man, with whom she will share her life.

Sunshine Appears: There was light rain in the morning and clouds during the drive out to Long Island. About 2 PM, as we take our seats for the outdoor ceremony, the clouds lift and the sun shines on the happy couple. They take their wedding vows against a backdrop of trees and bushes in rich autumn tones picked up by the roses in the bouquets of the bride and her attendants.  

Baby Beyonce Takes the Floor: About 4 years old, the little dancer takes the floor alongside the adults. Delighting in the growing attention, she goes far beyond the usual random movements of her age cohort to create a choreographed routine. You go girl!

Back to Her Roots: As the dancing continues, Kim leaves the floor to reappear in a stunning wedding cheongsam gown in honor of her heritage. The radiant smile on her face is universal.

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