Friday, November 6, 2015

Touch of Color at the Ankle

My sock fetish really took off when I moved to Orlando. I wear Puma sneakers most of the time, and I like a little touch of color at the ankle to complement my outfit. I have a large collection of socks in aqua, dark blue, green, orange, red, purple, and even one pair of white.

Decades ago, a popular stereotype was the little old lady in tennis shoes, the activist of the day. When I worked for the District of Columbia government, we decided to restructure the investments in the teachers retirement fund to get a better return. Notice went out to all the teachers. Unannounced, a little old retired teacher in tennis shoes came to my office to protest the change. It was confirmation that most stereotypes have some basis in reality.

When I wear my Pumas to collect petitions to protect the environment and to canvas for Democratic candidates, am I the little old lady in tennis shoes for today? Perhaps. But at least my socks are colorful and cute.

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