Monday, November 9, 2015

Walks on the Beach

Late Afternoon: Shelagh and I take our daily walk on the beach at Ocean City, NJ. Families with young children are packing up coolers, buckets and shovels, and umbrellas to head home for showers and dinner. The ocean waves advance and retreat from the sand with all-encompassing sound that evokes primal memories and calms us. We catch up on a year's worth of experience and share plans for the future. Although, superficially, our lives may seem different, we connect on a deep and intimate level. I miss those walks.

Dusk: David and I walk on the beach at Daytona Beach Shores. We comment on the architecture of the hotels and large condo buildings lining the beachfront. We find them wanting in interest and style. We stay on the alert for cars and other vehicles that are permitted to drive on the beach. When I first moved to Florida, I was shocked by news of people being killed or injured when they were run over on the beach. That would never happen in Ocean City, NJ.

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