Sunday, September 13, 2015

416 Hoffman Street

416 Hoffman Street, South Philadelphia. A small, 2-story, row-house with white marble steps, where Bubbie and Zaide lived and Mommy and Aunt Lillian grew up. I spent the first two years of my life there, while Daddy was stationed in Hawaii during WWII. Throughout childhood, I came back for the Jewish Holidays.

Bubbie would buy live carp at the local fish market and keep them in the bathtub until it was time to make gefilte fish. I would help Aunt Lillian make the best cheese blintzes in the world. I've been searching for some almost as good my whole life. Zaide and Daddy would down shots of Four Roses. 

They are all gone, and the holidays are not the same. Everything good, kind and caring in me comes from the love they gave me. I light Yahrzeit candles to honor their memory and keep their light in the world.

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