Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Prayer on Kindling a Yahrzeit Lamp

In hushed reverence, I kindle this memorial lamp in loving
remembrance on this anniversary of my beloved's death.
We have been taught that human souls are Thy candles.
Through them Thou bringest light into the world. For the light
of compassion and tenderness which my loved one
brought into my life. I am everlastingly grateful.
Help me, O G-d, to use the sacred memory of my loved
one as a noble spur to consecrated living. May I perpetuate and
transmit everything that was beautiful and loving about my loved one's
character. Keep firm my faith that we cannot go where You are not,
and where You are all is well.

As the light is kindled say:
"Zecher tsaddik leevrachah."
The memory of the upright is a source of blessing.

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