Thursday, September 10, 2015

Sunshine State

Florida, the Sunshine State, ranks near the bottom in generating solar energy. State legislators, bought and paid for by investor-owned utilities, block programs to use the power of the sun to generate electricity.

I learned all about this ironic problem at the League of Women Voters ("LWV") luncheon yesterday. In Florida, LWV are the good guys. They supported a constitutional amendment to stop gerrymandering. The legislators ignored the mandate, and LWV took them to court, which sent the maps back to the legislators, who can't agree on new maps. Redistricting is back in the courts.

LWV also supported a constitutional amendment to restore dedicated funding to protect Florida's water supply, wildlife and natural beauty. More than 70 percent of the voters said "yes" to the amendment. The legislators ignored the will of the people and used the funding for ongoing operations, not the purchase of land in environmentally fragile areas as intended. It will probably be back to the courts.

When I lived on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I was a moderate Democratic. In Florida, I am a wild-eyed radical. I haven't changed. 

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