Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Gisela and Me

Yesterday I drove Gisela to her first soccer practice of the fall season. It has been 6 months since I started taking her to practice and games. We have both grown up in that time.

Gisela is much more into the game. She runs to where the ball is and kicks it when she can. She takes a turn in the goal and enjoys the spotlight of that key position. Last night, she also showed the compassionate side of her nature. When one of her teammates had the wind knocked out of him, she called to me from her goalie position. "Give him the wet towel we brought. It will make him feel better." I followed her instructions, and her teammate and his mother were very appreciative. I told Gisela how proud I was of her.

I'm growing up, too. I am more patient when Gisela switches from one radio station to another and back again as we drive home. I showed her how to save her favorite stations so she can reach them with one push of a button. We are bonding more each day. Soccer has brought us closer together. It is a wonderful sport!

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