Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Minions Rule!

Movie reviews for adults accompanying kids who actually want to see these movies:

Cinderella: In this live action feature, Prince Charming rescues the virginal Cinderella from her greedy stepmother and "mean girl" stepsisters with the aid of the supernatural Fairy Godmother. Not exactly a feminist theme. Sheryl Sandberg would not approve.

Tomorrowland: George Clooney seemed as bewildered as I was by the plot of this futuristic movie with a combination of live action and CGI. On the bright side, the protagonist was a young girl who saved the world from destruction. Good job!

Inside Out: Pixar production values are outstanding in this sweet story about a young girl learning to cope with life's challenges. Louis Black, as Anger, is my favorite emotion inside our heroine's head. Some of the jokes are aimed at the adults, to keep us amused along with our younger companions.

The Minions: This prequel to the Despicable Me movies shows how the Minions traveled from the dawn of time to find their favorite villain. Totally silly! Totally hilarious! Much of the action takes place in Swinging 60's London (catch the Beatles crossing Abbey Road), where the Minions save Queen Elizabeth II from a potential and mean usurper of her crown. Without the bravery of Kevin, Stuart and Bob, QE II would not have just broken Queen Victoria' record for longevity on the throne. Good job, Minions!

Shaun the Sheep Movie: This charming movie uses a different animation technique and no real dialogue. It is a "quest" movie, with Shaun and his sheep colleagues traveling to the big city in order to save their farm. The scene in the fancy restaurant should become a classic! A lovely movie for all ages.

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